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Discover valuable advertising opportunities that will help you reach potential visitors.

San Francisco Travel has tremendous reach across our digital platforms and products. With the agility and flexibility of our digital-first planning, members have more opportunities than ever to advertise to our varied, expanding audiences.

Keep reading for more details, then look through our 2024 Media Kit to find the opportunity that best fits your budget.

If you are interested in participating in our advertising programs, contact Dennis Koster at [email protected].

If you're looking for a custom sponsorship, contact Scott Streeter at [email protected].

Paid Marketing

$2.9 Million Dollar Marketing Budget

San Francisco Travel touches visitors across multiple media. Whether digitally, in print, or via video, San Francisco Travel’s paid marketing efforts reach both domestic and international audiences.


We reach 5.3M+ qualified leisure visitors across San Francisco’s leisure channels

  • Website: 4.2M
  • Email: 145K+

Social Media Following

  • 989K+ across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.
The cover of our 2024 media kit

San Francisco Leisure Channels

Leisure Digital Guide

  • 175k+ reach
  • 50K sessions 
  • All-digital guide

The San Francisco Traveler Digital Sponsorship

  • Seasonal sponsorship that fits your budget and your strategy


  • 4.2 million sessions
  • 5.1 million page views
  • Average session duration: 2:00 minutes


  • 145K+ subscribers
  • 30.7% open rate
  • 1.38% CTR
The cover of our 2024 official Visitor's Guide

San Francisco Meeting and Travel Trade Channels

Meeting Planner & Travel Planner Guide

  • 6K+ reach
  • 6K sessions 
  • All-digital guide

Meeting Professional Emails 

  • 19.5% Open Rate
  • 2.94% CTR

Travel Professional Emails

  • 29.6% Open Rate
  • 3.06% CTR
The cover of our 2024 official Meeting Planner's Guide

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There are even more opportunities for you to learn about within our 2024 Media Kit. We look forward to working with you to promote San Francisco as the most compelling destination in the world.

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